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Revoke.cash was created in 2019 by Rosco Kalis. Back then DeFi and smart contracts were still in their infancy, but there was a lot of active development in the space. One thing that projects had in common was that they required users to grant an approval to spend their tokens – and often the amount was unlimited. There were no established tools to revoke these approvals, which is how Revoke.cash was born.

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How It All Started

For several years Rosco maintained Revoke.cash as a side project while he worked for different companies in the web3 space. But in the past years web3 has grown and the need for proper security tools has become more apparent. That is why Rosco decided to focus on Revoke.cash full-time in 2022. Since then he has expanded the Revoke.cash toolset with the Revoke.cash browser extension and launched a completely overhauled version of the approvals dashboard.

Revoke.cash Team
The Revoke.cash Team

Today Revoke.cash is maintained and developed by Rosco and a small team of independent contractors and is funded by donations and grants. We see Revoke.cash as a piece of essential web3 infrastructure, which is why our tools are open source and free to use. We also value sustainability and independence, so we are looking to generate sustainable revenue without raising VC funding or launching a token.

If you want to learn more about Revoke.cash and wallet security, check out our Learn section.

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