Bancor Whitehat Hack

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Discovered On2020-06-18
Stolen Amount$135k
Affected Networks
Ethereum Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo


In June of 2020 the Bancor team got notified of a major vulnerability in their system. This vulnerability would allow malicious actors to drain approved funds directly out of users' wallets.

The Bancor team set up a rescue mission to exploit their own contracts before any malicious actors had the chance to do so. In the process they managed to save over $400k of user funds. But in the middle of the rescue mission, an automated front-running bot joined in on the action and managed to steal just over $100k of user funds.

Affected users remain at risk as long as they haven't revoked their approvals, so it is recommended to use the Exploit Checker below to make sure that you're safe.

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