Maestro Hack

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Discovered On2023-10-25
Stolen Amount$500k
Affected Networks
Ethereum Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo


Over $500k has been stolen from users of Maestro, an automated Telegram trading bot. The team had released a new version of their router contract on October 13th, which was exploited on October 25th 2023 due to misconfigured permissions on some of the smart contract's functionality. The Maestro team quickly issued a fix for the smart contract bug by upgrading their upgradeable router contract. All affected users that lost funds in the exploit were reimbursed for their losses. Because the router contract was upgraded, it is not necessary to revoke your approvals to this contract, but you may do so if you wish.

Affected users remain at risk as long as they haven't revoked their approvals, so it is recommended to use the Exploit Checker below to make sure that you're safe.

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