Rabby Swap Hack

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Discovered On2022-10-11
Stolen Amount$200k
Affected Networks
Ethereum Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo
Polygon Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo
BNB Smart Chain Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo
Avalanche C-Chain (Unsupported) Logo
Fantom Opera (Unsupported) Logo
OP Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo
Arbitrum One (Unsupported) Logo
Gnosis (Unsupported) Logo
Cronos Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo
Aurora Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo
Harmony Mainnet Shard 0 (Unsupported) Logo
Metis Andromeda Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo
Moonbeam (Unsupported) Logo
Arbitrum Nova (Unsupported) Logo
Klaytn Mainnet Cypress (Unsupported) Logo
Astar (Unsupported) Logo
Boba Network (Unsupported) Logo
Huobi ECO Chain Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo
Celo Mainnet (Unsupported) Logo
Read Moretwitter.com, theblock.co, binance.com, neptunemutual.com


About $200k was stolen from users of the Rabby Wallet. Only users who used the wallet's Swap function and have active approvals are at risk.

Affected users remain at risk as long as they haven't revoked their approvals, so it is recommended to use the Revoke.cash Exploit Checker below to make sure that you're safe.

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