Unagii Whitehat Hack

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Discovered On2023-06-28
Stolen Amount$60k
Affected Networks
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In June 2023 the Unagii team got notified of a vulnerability in their system. Their WethZap contract (meant to help with (un)wrapping ETH and interact with the Unagii system in a single transaction) had missing ownership checks, allowing anyone to execute privileged functions. The team was notified of this vulnerability after one user lost over $60k to an automated MEV operator.

After being notified, the team withdrew the vulnerable funds to a wallet they controlled to mitigate the damage. They were able to rescue the remaining user funds (around $100k) and no further funds were lost. The Unagii team has since returned the rescued funds and reimbursed any users affected by the vulnerability.

Affected users remain at risk as long as they haven't revoked their approvals, so it is recommended to use the Revoke.cash Exploit Checker below to make sure that you're safe.

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