Monthly Update: November 2023
Written by Rosco Kalis
Nov 30, 2023
3 min read

Monthly Update: November 2023

November was a busy month with events and connecting with people online and in real life. We've also been busy promoting on Gitcoin Grants and Optimism's RetroPGF 3. And we made several improvements to the Learn Section of Read on to learn more about what we've been up to in November. Team In Istanbul

November was the month of Devconnect, one of the biggest Ethereum developer conferences. And the team was there to meet with other developers and to promote

ENS Panel

While in Istanbul, we were also invited to speak on a panel on public goods funding organised by the ENS DAO. Since a year, the ENS DAO is putting significant efforts into public goods funding, so they invited us and other teams to talk about building public goods and how to fund them.

Separate Token Approval Checkers supports over 60 different blockchain networks. But many people don't realise that we support their favourite network. And this is partially our fault. To check approvals on different chains, you had to enter your address first, and then from there you'd be able to select the network you wanted to check. But that made it very hard to find out if we supported your favourite network before entering your address. So we decided to change that.

Optimism Token Approval Checker

We've now added separate pages for every network we support. So you can now easily check if we support your favourite network before entering your address. And this also makes it much easier for people to share the link to a specific token approval checker with that network's community.

Improvements to the Learn Section

We released our Learn Section / Knowledgebase a few months ago. Since then we've added a few new articles and made several improvements to existing articles. But one thing that was still missing was cover images for each article. Since we're a bootstrapped company, it can be expensive to hire an illustrator to create cover images for each and every new article.

Asking ChatGPT to add an audience to the earlier image

So we decided to see if ChatGPT could help us out. With the newly launched DALL-E 3 and a lot of trial and error we were able to create some pretty cool cover images for our articles.

Next and Previous buttons

We've also added more ways to navigate through the articles. You can now use the next and previous buttons to navigate through the articles. And we've added overview pages per category, so you can easily find all articles related to a specific topic.

Gitcoin Grants 19 and Optimism RetroPGF 3

November was an important month for many bootstrapped projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. Grant programs like Gitcoin Grants and Optimism RetroPGF help these projects to continue building and growing. And is no exception. We've been busy promoting on both platforms. on Gitcoin Grants 19

We ended Gitcoin Grants 19 with close to $26,000 in donations from over 12,000 individual donors. And while Optimism's RetroPGF 3 is still ongoing, we've already passed the threshold to receive funding in this round. We're very grateful for all the support we've received from the community, and we're excited to continue building

New Supported Networks

While we support 60+ different blockchain networks already, we're always looking to add more. And in November we added support for 3 new networks.

New Mainnets:

New Testnets:

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