Monthly Update: October 2023
Written by Rosco Kalis
Oct 31, 2023
2 min read

Monthly Update: October 2023

October was a slower month than the month before. We released some pretty big features in September, so we took some time to catch our breath. October was mostly focused on maintenance, fixes and improvements. This is an important part of the development lifecycle so that we can continue to build on a solid foundation. Read on to learn more about what we've been up to in October.

Maintenance and Improvements

In September we did some very big refactoring of the codebase to make it easier to add new features. But this also caused some small bugs to appear. So we spent some time in October fixing these bugs and continuing the refactoring effort with internal changes so we have a solid foundation to build on top of.

Last month we implemented pricing information to help users understand the actual value at risk of their approvals. This functionality currently only works for tokens, but we're working on extending this to NFTs as well. So we've been doing some ground work to prepare for this. We look forward to releasing this functionality in the coming months.

New Exploits

October was a busy month for hackers, who targeted not one, but two different Telegram trading bots: Maestro and Unibot. Together these two exploits resulted in over a million dollar in losses. The teams behind these popular trading bots mitigated the issues and reimbursed their users. Check if you're affected by these exploits below:

Hackers also targeted Galxe, a popular Web3 community building platform. Malicious actors were able to compromise the official Galxe website and injected malicious approvals into the website's frontend. You can check if you're affected by this exploit below:

New Supported Networks

While we support 60+ different blockchain networks already, we're always looking to add more. And in October we added support for 4 new networks.

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