Monthly Update: September 2023
Written by Rosco Kalis
Sep 30, 2023
3 min read

Monthly Update: September 2023

In September we released some pretty big features. The most important is the addition of pricing information, giving users insight into the actual value at risk of their approvals. We also migrated our code base to Wagmi v1 and Viem, which will make it easier to add new features and should also come with some performance improvements. Read on to learn more about what we've been up to in September.

Pricing Information & Wallet Health

The biggest new release this month is the addition of pricing and wallet health information. This information is available on the approvals dashboard and gives users insight into the actual value at risk of their approvals. This is an important step in helping users understand the risks of their approvals and make better decisions.

Pricing Information

If you're an active crypto user it is not unusual to have a dozen or more token approvals, and it can be hard to understand which ones need revoking. In the coming months we want to focus on providing more insight into the risks of your approvals and help you make better decisions. The pricing information and wallet health is the first step in this direction.

Refactoring & Moving to Viem has been using Wagmi for quite some time, which allows us to easily communicate with all our supported networks. But the team behind Wagmi recently released the Viem library, which makes it even easier to build applications on top of Wagmi. So while we waited a bit to make sure Viem was stable, we decided to migrate our codebase to Viem and the latest version of Wagmi this month.

Migrating our entire codebase to Viem and the latest version of Wagmi was a big undertaking, but it will make it easier for us to add new features in the future and should bring performance improvements as well. In the process of moving to Viem we also refactored a lot of other parts of our code, which was also focused on bringing performance improvements and improving the developer experience.

New Scam: Network Masking

This month we found out about a new scam that tries to steal user funds by "masking" the selected network in a wallet. Scammers would send an "add network" request for existing networks, but with a different name.

Add a Scam Network

Then they would send a transaction request to the wallet for this new network, essentially making it seem like the user was sending an inconsequential transaction, while in reality they may be sending their entire ETH or BNB balance to the scammer.

Scam Transaction

This scam is something to be aware of, but it can be avoided by always checking the network name in your wallet before sending a transaction. And wallets can also help prevent this scam by showing proper warnings when a network is added for an existing network with a different name.

New Supported Networks

While we support close to 50 different blockchain networks already, we're always looking to add more. And in September we added support for 12 new networks, bringing the total over 60.

New Mainnets:

New Testnet:

Unfortunately we've also had to remove support for SmartBCH and Godwoken this month due to a lack of reliable infrastructure for these networks.

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